A Young, Enthusiastic, Rebelliously creative, and innovative artist!!

It takes time, effort, and talent to make a name for oneself in the art world and Mr. Atul Gendle has done it with his extraordinary talent and hard work. He is conscientious and always eager to learn new things and experience phenomena in the artwork. Read More…

He always believes that your art and passion will never accept you until and unless you give everything possible. You have to leave no stone unturned to become a good artist with unselfish intent and be passionate about what you are doing.

Born and brought up in the small village of ‘Beed’ district in Maharashtra, Atul always found his soul in the beautiful and peaceful nature, eventually falling in love with countless colors and shades of life.

After completing junior college in Beed, his enormous ambitions and love for paintings brought him to Pune. He completed A.T.D. , B.F.A and then M.F.A. from Bharati Vidyapeeth College of Fine Arts, Pune. He dedicated 6-7 years of his life completely to learn each and every smallest thing in the art world and became what he is today. But his humility and down-to-earth nature always helped him to learn and improve further.

In his college life he used to go to various painting exhibitions and participated in countless competitions, also won many of them, and eventually became a teacher’s favorite student.

He won one of the most prestigious awards ‘The Art Society of India’ in his college days. Till now he won more than 30 international and national awards for his exceptional artwork. One of his biggest achievement in his career is when a well-known company ‘Camel’ bought his painting and used for their drawing book’s front page cover. As time passed, Atul improved a lot. He worked with many great and internationally well-known artists and got selected for many national camps. A poet from London bought two of his paintings for the book. In 2017, his painting ‘The Rainy Season’ was sold by a museum in Satara which was a great accomplishment for any artist.

Atul has a clear vision and aims to achieve. He wants to continue his work and follow his passion with unbreakable determination and dedication. He feels fortunate to be an artist and will definitely represent our country on the international stage.

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  • 20 Sahitya sammelan and art exhibition at Pune 2020
  • International group art exhibition at Jahnvi art gallery Varanasi 2020
  • I am an artist online national art exhibition 2020
  • Indigalleria New Delhi online national art exhibition 2020
  • Pune art festival 2019
  • Pune art festival 2019
  • Spandan art festival Neharu centerbMumbai-2019
  • Nepal dairies at art 2day gallery Pune-2019
  • Chitrakala parishath art gallery Bangalore-2019
  • Group show at Art 2day gallery Pune-2018
  • Gyanadab art gallery Kalyani Nagar Pune-2017
  • Vyakatappa art gallery Bangalore-2018
  • Hyderabad art festival-2017
  • PNG art gallery Aundh Pune-2017
  • Art entrance art gallery Mumbai-2018
  • Darpan art gallery Pune-2017
  • Nehru center circular art gallery Mumbai-2016
  • Balagandharv Art Gallery Pune-2015
  • Gyaan Adab Art Gallery Pune-2015
  • Balagandharv Art Gallery Pune-2014-15
  • 27th art point online art competition award 2020
  • “Bindu” state level on the spot landscape painting competition Sangali-2019
  • Gujarat Kala pratishtan best landscape paintings award-2018
  • Award at on the spot landscape painting competition Satara-2018
  • V.V.Oak national art exhibition award-2018
  • The art society of India award-2017-18
  • Prafulla Dahanukar art foundation award- 2017-18
  • On the spot landscape painting competition award Nashik-2017
  • On the spot landscape painting competition award Malegaon-2017
  • International Watercolor painting competition Aburwash art gallery Egypt-2017
  • Yadhnyey kala yuvasanman award sinnar (nasik)-2017
  • Prafulla dahanukar art fondanation award-2017
  • Kalautsav state art competition award ataurangabad-2017
  • On the spot landscape painting competition award Aundha, Satara-2017
  • Bharati Vidyapeeth on the spot landscape painting competition award Pune-2017
  • 53 Bharati Vidyapeeth anniversary day award-2017
  • On the spot landscape painting competition Satara-2017
  • State-level on the spot landscape painting competition award at Ahmednagar-2017
  • 27art point and rangsang online painting competition award Rajasthan-2017
  • Savitri bai Phule Pune university award-2016
  • Maharashtra Rajya state art award-2016
  • Rotary club painting competition award at Pune-2016
  • DSK Vishwa on the spot landscape painting competition award-2015
  • Indradhanushya award at nagapur university–2015
  • Rangsang national art exhibition award at Punjab-2015
  • Bharati Vidyapeeth annual art exhibition award-2013
  • Samajik Vanikaran Vibhag Government of Maharashtra painting competition-2012
  • Demonstration at Tulika art gallery Pune-2020
  • Art jam watercolor demonstration at Art 2day gallery Pune-2019
  • Kala Spandan art festival at Neharu center-2019
  • Art 2day gallery Nepal dairies-2019
  • Bal Gandharva art gallery Pune festival-2019
  • Vyakatappa art gallery Bangalore-2018
  • Yadhnyey kala prasarani landscape painting camp,Sinnar Nashik 2017
  • Balgandharv art gallery Pune-2017
  • Darpan art gallery Pune-2017
  • Dwaraka fine art academy Satara-2017
  • Yashwant Rao Chavan art gallery Pune-2017
  • Bharati Vidyapeeth college of fine arts Pune-2017
  • progressive art academy Pune 2016
  • V.V. OAK national art exhibition Tilak Smarak Pune 2016
  • Sumbran artist camp at poud pune-2020
  • Artist camp at Kokan with artist inside art camp- 2020
  • Nepal study tour with Sanskar Bharati-2019
  • Ekaant artist camp at Gujarat-2018
  • Gujarat Kala pratishtan landscape painting camp Vjunagadh-2018
  • Kalamohostav national artists campat Khajuraho-2018
  • Gujarat Kala pratisthan camp at Vadatal-2019
  • National level artist camp at Shravanbelagola Karnataka-2018
  • Yadhnyey kala prasarani landscape painting camp Nasik-2017
  • Sanskar bharati artist camp atVaranasi-2016
  • Sanskar Bharati study tour camp Nashik-2015
  • Nehru center students artist camp at (up. mp)2014-15
  • Collection at RBI governor 2019
  • Collection at Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj museum Satara 2017
  • London
  • Rome
  • USA

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